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 “A revolutionary approach to dog training covering all aspects of the relationship we have with our dogs. Superb.” (Client testimonial)

The MTP training system (Motivate, Teach, Proof) taught at K9 Coach UK is based on a decade of real life experience and varied education.

I have travelled Europe training alongside the most innovative and successful dog trainers to create a system of dog training that guarantees success and stress relief with your pet dog.

You can learn my system online at your own pace! (Click the button below!)

“Highly recommended, very knowledgeable and professional pushes for excellence and actually cares” (Client testimonial)

Are you ready to start not just loving, but actually ENJOYING your dog? Together, we can make it happen.

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Response Reversal™

What is it, how can you use it for your dog training, and why is it trademarked?

Firstly, it’s trademarked because it is the intellectual property of K9 COACH UK. That means I invented the concept, and coined the name of it. Trademarking is one way of proving to you that it is not the same old shit that you already tried, basically: its completely NEW and you won’t have learnt it from any other source. So if you’re looking for something totally different that will change the game for you, this is it.

Response Reversal™ is not classical conditioning. Put simply: classical conditioning is where you add something the dog likes to a situation they don’t like, in order to link the two things in the hope it will make them feel good about the thing they feel bad about. For example: the dog doesn’t like other dogs, you give them treats when they see dogs, hoping they make the association that dogs = treats = nice feelings.

Response Reversal™ is teaching a dog how to perform a totally different behaviour, in a place where they would normally perform an undesirable behaviour. For example: a dog likes to chase rabbits, I use Response Reversal to show them “when you see rabbits, instead of running after them, you come back to me”. This makes rabbits (who used to be a signal for chasing and hunting) a signal for recall.

Whereas classical conditioning is trying to make the dog feel nice, I am showing the dog how to do a different behaviour. So the two methods are very different.

As dog owners, we are told over and over again undesirable behaviours stem from stress, or fear, and that we have to change how the dog feels because they are most likely scared. As someone who has worked with a myriad of working and pet dogs over the last decade, I know firmly that dogs do things for many reasons not including fear. For example, pursuit of another animal is normally drive. (Drive means motivation from inside the dog, that tells them to act. That’s why some dogs chase rabbits, and some don’t- it’s coded into them!).

I created Response Reversal™ as a fluid method: it can be applied to friendly dogs who want to run up and say hi, it can be applied to fearful dogs who hear a loud noise and want to run away, and it can be applied to dogs that chase animals, or want to fight other dogs.

Instead of basing my training on trying to find the best treat to make the dog feel nice, I focus on giving the dog coping skills that are transferrable to all areas of their life, in a way that won’t fail: because its modifying their behaviour.

Instead of saying to a dog: “don’t you dare look at that rabbit!”, I say when you DO see a rabbit, it means comeback to me. So instead of trying to drown out the personality of the dog, or compete with the thing that makes them feel the nicest: I show them what is socially appropriate, and what will continue to allow them to have enjoy public spaces, and have freedom on walks.

Experiencing drive on all levels in all different breeds of dogs has shown me that some dogs act out of instinct, and sometimes those instincts are dangerous, and undesirable. Nobody wants to believe that their dog wants to harm other dogs for pleasure/excitement, but the fact is that those dogs exist. It can be hard to admit that your dog wants to kill and eat cute animals like rabbits, or deer, but the fact remains that some dogs do want to do this. And it’s never out of fear. It’s out of pursuit of enjoyment. It doesn’t make your dog a bad dog, they are just a dog, and if you’ve been trying to mark them for “looking away from a trigger” and it’s been failing, it should comfort you to know that a treat will never compete with drive, and that was always going to fail.

In the case of the fearful dogs, the reason that I don’t try to use treats and verbal praise etc is because fearful dogs are in a state of panic, and survival. Instead of prolonging their stress and hoping they figure out that hotdogs taste nice so maybe other dogs are nice too, I give them immediate comfort and say: “don’t panic, just stay in heel, I got you”. This is Response Reversal ™: I change their Response from distress, to calm trust. (I use their daily food in this process, but never treats- all that is explained inside my lesson and a I have a full guide if your dog has a broken relationship with taking food in training).

This DOES make them feel nice. This is the nicest feeling for a fearful dog: to be able to lean on their guardian, trust them to take control of the situation if needed, and proves to them that there is fact nothing to worry about. This is a fast, simple process and relieves dogs of their anxiety whilst creating excellent functional obedience. It changes how they feel about going for walks as a whole, and about encountering things they were worried about before. Instead of “oh shit a dog!” it’s “a dog, if I stay in heel we will pass and it will be fine”, and then later “its just a dog”. Please be aware: I do not believe that dogs think as humans think, however it’s the best way to explain to a human how the process unfolds.

Response Reversal™ is taught inside my loose lead lesson: how to stop any dog pulling on lead, and inside my Recall Masterclass. Combining those two lessons will produce dream walks in a matter of weeks. My mission is to provide the education that is missing: simple to implement solutions, that get you and your dog calm and stress free ASAP so you can access the ultimate enrichment- exploring and adventuring with your best mate.

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